Taxfree shopping in the bahamas

The products of the Bahamas are as unique as the island themselves, and that’s why thousand of shoppers flock to the duty-free stores and boutiques that dot the island chain, and shopping plays such a large role in the itineraries of arriving visitors. From big-box stores to stylish boutiques to open-air markets where you can perfect your haggling skills, you will find an amazing array of duty free products that will leave you wondering if you should buy another suitcase to transport the entirety of your newly gotten goodies home from your holiday.

Authentic Bahamian Products

The heritage, passion, and creativity of the Bahamian people are on full display in the shops and stores of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Choose between a myriad of handmade jewelry, local craft items, clothing, and other authentic Bahamian products that are sure to capture the essence of your Bahamas vacation. Find unique souvenirs and handmade craft items that will serve as a vacation reminder better than any postcard. Upon alighting at your destination in Nassau, be sure to check out some of the amazing shopping venues available including:

  • Paradise Island Shops
  • Marina Village
  • Bahamas Craft Centre
  • Straw Market

Shopping in the Bahamas is more than an opportunity to pick up a few items; it is a chance to dive into the cultural milieu of the enchanting people from this unspoiled slice of paradise.

Duty-Free Shopping in the Bahamas

Owing to the liberal duty-free policies of the Bahamian government, buying your must-have items in the duty-free shops means you can bring home an array of items that would be prohibitively expensive if you bought it on the sales floor of your average American store. Beginning in 1992, the government abolished import duties on an array of products that include:

  • Perfume/Fragrances
  • Crystal
  • China
  • Leather goods
  • Fine linens
  • Watches/Clocks
  • Binoculars/Telescopes

Duty-free shops are easily identifiable throughout the islands and marked with the DFS logo. Discover amazing items at outstanding prices and pay significantly lower prices than you would in a United States store. Those eligible for the deep savings include non-Bahamian residents or passport holders, who plan to leave the islands within the next 45-days and have not worked in the islands for the past six months.

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