Scuba Diving in the BahamasA freediving girl in dive gear swimming over the sea grass along the ocean floor showing a newly discovered conch

An enchanting underwater world awaits you in the Bahamas.  The Bahamas reef system, third largest reef system in the world, is only minutes away from South Florida by air charter offering one of the greatest underwater treasures in the world.  From long stretches of thriving reefs, numerous famous blue holes and underwater caverns to a wide variety of vibrant marine life, there is simply too much to explore in one trip … Scuba adventures in the Bahamas will keep you coming back for years to come.  We’ve covered a few destinations below that offer great diving opportunities; however, due to the Bahamas location as a gateway to the Caribbean and Atlantic and Gulf Stream, nearly every island offers beautiful reef heads with colorful coral and wildlife to explore and enjoy with unsurpassed crystal clear water.  Looking for an adrenaline-infused experience, add on a guided trip to swim, and feed if you are daring enough, reef sharks or tiger sharks, an experience you’ll never forget!

Scuba Diver admires colorful, coral, fish and sharks swimming among them under the surface of the ocean as they feed the nurse sharks, lemon sharks, reef sharks, and tiger sharksAbacos

The Abaco Islands offer crystal clear water, reefs with beautiful coral heads and exciting underwater life to see including fish of all shapes, colors and sizes, stingrays, sharks and sea turtles.  Enjoy wall dives and cave dives that you can’t experience anywhere else in the world.  For a first-class lodging, dining and dive experience, check out the Green Turtle Club where you can book a trip of a life-time.


The Acklins & Crooked Island

One of the more distant Bahama Island destinations, the Acklins Island and adjacent Crooked Island off unspoiled beauty beneath the sea.  Every shade of turquoise water up can imagine, these islands offer unmatched water clarity, coral heads and abundant underwater creatures to keep you mesmerized for your entire stay.  The Bahamian people are super friendly on this island, always happy to lend a hand and point you in the right direction. If your desire is to dive in remote spots where you won’t see another boat or person, then this is the destination for you. Call us for a recommendation on where to stay!

Andros Island

Over 100 miles of barrier reefs stretch along Andros providing an infinite amount of opportunities to explore for both Scuba Divers and Free-divers alike.   If you enjoy underwater photography, you’ll be presented with countless photos ops.  Andros Island also draws those that fancy the hobby of spearfishing.  The Bahamas restricts spearfishing to free-Scuba Diver admires colorful, coral, fish and sharks swimming among them under the surface of the ocean as they feed the nurse sharks, lemon sharks, reef sharks, and tiger sharksdivers only with non-trigger spearfishing devices such as the pole-spear or Hawaiian sling.  With abundant reefs in 8-15 feet water, Andros is the ideal spot to find such tasty species as hogfish, grouper and snapper.  Also on your dive list…don’t miss out on the breath-taking 6,000-foot deep Tongue of the Ocean separating Andros and Nassau.  We highly recommend Small Hope Bay Lodge, Andros, Bahamas ( for lodging, fishing and diving trips with. A family run lodge by the original founding family, Small Hope Bay Lodge has super friendly staff, the food is superb and the lodge has a great setup for families, weddings, fishing and/or diving trips. Be sure to check out Small Hope Bay’s “all-inclusive” vacation package options. Remember, always spearfish, snorkel or dive with a buddy!


Bimini Island

Closest in proximity and separated by the Gulf Stream, the Bimini Islands are known for dives that interact with sharks, dolphins, stingrays and sea turtles.  Don’t overlook the spectacular reefs, wrecks and wall dives that also beckon to those looking for adventure.  The Gulf Stream’s influence on the Bimini Islands means there will always be a constant supply of underwater wildlife to see and enjoy. 

Cat Island

While Cat Island draws many tourists each year for its pristine white beaches, just offshore, Cat Island also offers beautiful reef coral heads and sea-life waiting for exploration.  Cat Island draws divers looking to see some of the larger sea life cruising the Bahamas such as hammerhead and white tip sharks.  Yet don’t miss out on the smaller see creatures like a flight of squid, majestic trumpetfish or hidden squirrel fish.  

Eleuthera & Harbour Island

Offering fast and fun drift dives with unparalleled visibility, Eleuthera has many exciting opportunities for scuba divers and free-divers alike.  The southern tip of Eleuthera offers extraordinary coral reef heads teeming with colorful fish and colorful fish swim under the surface of the crystal-clear ocean over the thriving coral reefunderwater sea life of every size and color.  Some of the most beautiful Elkhorn coral in the world awaits you in Eleuthera.  Or maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of a colorful sea snake, who knows!  Governor’s Harbour offers many great home rental opportunities.  We recommend Eleuthera Vacation Rentals ( to coordinate renting one of the many beautiful homes they manage for both short-term and long-term leases.  Tell them your interests and they’ll place you in the home that best fits you!  If staying on the southern most tip of Eleuthera, check out Cape Eleuthera which has a harbour and is conveniently located adjacent to many great dive sites. 

Exuma Islands

Famous for swimming with the pigs, feeding nurse sharks and the James Bond grotto, the Exumas offers so much more!  While Sports Illustrated is shooting their next swimming suit issue, you can enjoy the underwater life just offshore.  Amazing shark adventure dives, drift dives and cave dives await you.  Scores of colorful fish, underwater wrecks, and so much more!

Grand Bahamas

Still on our bucket list is a trip to Tiger Beach near the West End of the Grand Bahama Island.  Respected as one of the top dive spots in the world to get up close and personal with tiger sharks, lemon sharks, reef sharks and even hammerhead sharks.  Known for feeding tiger sharks and presenting some of the best photo ops with these beautiful creatures, Tiger Beach is a draw for any diver looking for adventure.  Best to use a knowledgeable guide, this area consistently produces encounters with sharks but don’t be surprised if 10+ sharks show up.  You’ll want a a spotted eagle ray or stingray gently swimming along the bottom of the sandy ocean floor gliding over coral rocks and bouldersknowledgeable guide to make sure you have a fun, safe encounter.  In addition to shark encounters, Grand Bahama Island offers crystal clear water with plentiful coral gardens thriving with sea-life to enjoy!

Long Island

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, Long Island Diving offers a little something for everyone…from beginning divers to advanced divers.  With the deepest blue hole in the Bahamas at over 600’, amazing cave dive and wreck dive opportunities, you’ll need to map our your dive plan so you don’t miss anything.  Looking for a resort that offers an unrivaled setting with gorgeous beaches, landscaping, accommodations and adventures for in scuba, snorkeling, fishing and ecotours, check out Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort and enjoy a little bit of paradise!

Nassau & Paradise Island

While Nassau is known for its beaches, shopping, restaurants and night life, don’t think for a minute that it doesn’t offer exceptional diving opportunities!  Stuart’s Cove is a one-stop shop and will make your diving a breeze offering lodging, dive equipment and excursions from deep water dives, coral reef exploration, shark dives and even family friendly snuba packages.  For those desiring to enjoy great diving, shopping and nightlife, Nassau should definitely be at the top of your list of considerations.

San Salvador 

Scuba diver fully dressed in dive gear swimming along colorful fish and pink and orange coral reef deep beneath the oceanSan Salvador is renown for its many layers of colorful underwater topography and consistent 100’+ visibility.  Wall dives, reefs, wrecks, crevasses and caverns all interplay to offer a myriad of dive opportunities for you enjoy.  Sea fans and sea plumes, Elkhorn coral, stag coral and brain coral, sea turtles, grouper, angel fish and snapper … you’ll marvel and lose count of the underwater beauty that San Salvador enjoys day in and day out.