Getting a Private Charter Flight to the Exumas including Black Point, Fowl Cay, Great Exuma Island, Hog Cay, Leaf Cay, Lee Stocking Island, Little Darby Island, Norman’s Cay, Sampson Cay, and, of course, Staniel Cay, couldn’t get any easier.  A 5 minute call to our team and we’ll have you on your way to Bahamas Paradise, in style!

Paddle with Pigs in the Exumasclose up of pig swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Exuma Islands

From paddling with feral pigs in the warm waters of secluded coves to traveling the shell-strewn sands of Coco Plumb Beach, the wild beauty of the Exumas is on full display in two national parks on the islands. Be sure to take in some of the 13,000 acres of Moriah Harbour Cay National Park, which plays a critical role in the Exuma Islands marine ecosystems. Thrill at the prospect when you spot the local lizard population of Bahamian iguanas, which can grow up to more than two feet long, or catch a glimpse of the ever-elusive Hutia, a large cave-dwelling adorable rodent that calls the park home. Wildlife, the pungent aroma of tropical flowers and the warm Caribbean sun are all waiting to welcome you to the beautiful Exuma Islands.

private charter flight to The Bahamas Exuma Islands to swim with The Bahamas Swimming Pigs

We provide private charter flights to The Bahamas Exuma Islands including the following Airports in the Exumas:

  • Black Point MYEB Airport
  • Fowl Cay MYXA AirportPrivate charter flights to The Bahamas Exumas Staniel Cay to swim with The Bahamas Swimming Pigs
  • Great Exuma Island MYEG Airport
  • Hog Cay MYEY Airport
  • Leaf Cay MYXD Airport
  • Lee Stocking MYXE/MYEL Airport
  • Little Darby Island MYXF Airport
  • Norman’s Cay MYEN Airport
  • Sampson Cay MYXH Airport
  • Staniel Cay MYES Airport

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