Discover the Enchanting Berry Islands

Tour the breathtaking beauty The Berry Islands, home of over 30 cays.Some of these include Hoffman Cay’s Sugar Beach Cave, home to a 600-foot wide by 20-foot deep blue hole where one can witnesses the unique interplay of area marine life, Great Harbour Cay and Chub Cay. Chub cay is an excellent place for fishing as it is known as the capital of Billfish.

Berry Island with mini islands in between, untouched beaches, crystal clear waters and sandbars along the ocean

The Berry Islands are ideal for nature lovers since the majority of the islands are uninhabited. Rent a kayak andpaddle around the southernmost tip of Great Harbor Cay, where you will see one of the most fertile mangrove creeks in the Bahamas. Get up close and personal with the marine life swimming beneath you in the crystal-clear Bahamian water.

Berry Island Chub Cay Resort, sunset with clouds over marinaAirports on the Berry Islands

  • Big Whale Cay MYBW Airport
  • Chub Cay MYBC Airport
  • Cistern Cay MYBT Airport
  • Great Harbour Cay MYBG Airport
  • Little Whale Cay MYBX Airport

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