Dining in the BahamasDining in the Bahamas

If you are the type of person that just shakes their head when someone flies to Paris, and immediately heads from the airport to the nearest McDonald’s outlet in the French capital, you understand what an important roll food plays in fully immersing yourself in the host country’s culture and fabric of life. For travelers to the Bahamas, you will want to consider getting your appetite its own visa owing to the huge array of tasty treats waiting for your arrival. Served in every venue from five-star restaurants to roadside food stands, prepare to have your palate pleased by the tangy tastes of the tropics.

A Blend of Tastes as Diverse as the Islands

With more than 2,000 islands, inlets, and cays it is understood that the Bahamas exhibits an array of choices when it comes to eatery diversity. Still, on the strength of its island location, seafood heavily influences the menu items of most Bahamians. Shellfish, conch, crab, and lobster join the table in dishes se
asoned with hot peppers, lime, cilantro, onions, garlic, coconut that are not only delicious, but also pairs perfectly with the rum-based beverages that are favored on the islands.

Tasty Bahamas Treats

Certain staples grace the menus of most Bahamas restaurants, and you would be foolhardy to miss the tasty treats that you are unlikely to find elsewhere on your travels. As such, be sure to keep your eyes open on the menu for these favorite local fares.

Conch Fritters—tuck into this local favorite and prepare to have your taste buds overwhelmed with flavor. Made with small bites of queen conch meat fried to perfection in a savory batter, Bahamas conch fritters are a must have for any visitors to the islands. Seasoned with hot sauce, sea salt, hot goat pepper, and filled with local vegetables, when someone asks what you are eating, your only response will be “deliciousness.”

Ceviche—this specialty dish derives from allowing fresh raw fish to cure in citrus juices like lemon or lime before being spiced with a chili pepper and other seasonings. Expect to see this dish accompanied by side plates filled with complementary flavors. A favorite dish throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, each region adds its own flair to the mix when preparing, and the chefs of the Bahamas are no different. As such, you will be sure to note the island’s famed conch ceviche, or conch salad, which is prepared by dicing the fresh conch meat before curing it in lime.Dining in the Bahamas
Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos—another local favorite, which the discerning diner simply can’t miss whilst traveling through the islands is the Mahi Mahi fish tacos that are served to perfection. From the finest kitchens of the island’s five-star resorts to the most humble of taco stands on the side of the road, you will delight at the tasty flavors that these local favorites deliver to the peckish travelers.

Seasonal Surprises and Savory Sauces

Time your visit appropriately, and you can sample all the seasonal offering the island has in abundance. These include a wide array of locally grown fruits and vegetables from pineapple and passion fruit to the island’s most famous produce, the delicious papaya melon. If lobster is on your mind, be sure to visit the Bahamas lobster season, which runs from August 1st to March 31st. Savory sauces are on the menu as well, and many Bahamian dishes arrive at your table with delicious side sauces to sauce up your meal. Be sure to sample the Creole and Old Sour sauces because you will not regret the choice!


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