Booking a Private Charter Flight The Bahamas San Salvador Island couldn’t get any easier.  A 5 minute call to our team and we’ll have you on your way on your very own private airplane to Bahamas Paradise, in style!

San Salvador Island can’t be missed!

Private Charter Flights to the Bahamas San Salvador IslandAs the single most impressive geographic feature on the island of San Salvador, you would be hard put to miss a tour of the Great Lake Reserve, which covers much of the island’s interior. An excellent way to explore the entire island is to join a boat tour that will carry you along miles of salty lakes that connect all the major towns on San Salvador. Enjoy the enormous cactus, surreal palm trees and mangrove swamps that literally teem with wildlife.

We provide private charter flights to The Bahamas San Salvador Island Airport:

  • San Salvador International MYSM Airport

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