Discover Romance in the Bahamas

Get married in the Abacos Islands BahamasIf the writers, directors, and producers of Hollywood’s many “chick flicks” were to have us believe, true love and romantic settings are just waiting around the corner for the serendipitous collision of fate meeting happenstance. That being said, those writers, directors, and producers of Hollywood’s many “chick flicks” must have spent significant time in the Bahamas. That is because there is nowhere else on earth that delivers quite so convincingly with romantic settings and amorous environments. If you are looking to forge a romantic interlude amidst the tropical splendor of a holiday getaway, then you need to set your sights on a visit to the incomparable Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Romance is in the Air

Whether it’s the pungent aromas of tropical flowers or the meaty smell of the papaya that garnished your Bahama Mama, the very atmosphere of the Bahamas seems to invite the aura of romance and adventure. Charter a flight to the far reaches of the many cays and inlets that define this island nation perched a mere 50-miles from American shores. Kick your shoes off and let your hair down in the tropical paradise of the Bahamas, and see how easy it is to spark attraction, discover love, or reignite a flickering flame that simply needs fanning. Explore the tropical mangrove stands of the Andros Islands where you will discover the famous three miles of Kamalame Cay beach, which has been a favorite destination spot for newlywed couples who tied the knot in this beautiful Bahamas setting.

Every aspect of your Bahamas Island trip is guaranteed to flame the fires of love whether you choose a package tour, or you decide to strike out on your own with significant other to discover what secrets the myriad of coves, lagoons, and secluded stretches of beach that seem to extend on for days. Excellent hotels, superior food, and exciting nightlife all vie for the attention of the couple looking to unwind from the world and entwine within each other’s arms.

For When Things Get Serious…The Perfect Wedding LocationGet married on Cat Island in the Bahamas

Weddings are magical moments, so why not have yours in the magical environment of the Bahamas? A tropical treasure is just a short charter flight away, so all you have to do is decide where amongst the chain’s more than 2,000 islands and cays is the perfect place to tie the knot with your future soul mate. Romance is in the air in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, so breathe it in with an idyllic Caribbean wedding. Pick from hundreds of islands to celebrate your nuptials. From the magical pink beaches of Harbour Island among the Eleuthera Island group to the monastic ruins atop Mound Alvernia in the Cat Islands you will find the dream location for your wedding celebration, and the memories that you and your significant other make together will last the two of you a lifetime.


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Romantic Getaways in the Bahamas