Direct Flights to Cuba from the United States

Want a Direct Flight to Cuba from USA ~ We got you covered!



Wondering how to get to Cuba from the United States?

  • Our parent company, Air Flight, Inc., is authorized by the FAA and DOT to fly you from the US to direct to Cuba from our hub in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (or Miami, Florida or wherever you’d like to depart from in the United States).



Which Cuba International Airports are ports of entry which US Citizens can fly directly to Cuba from the United States?  Here is a list of Cuba’s International Airports which the US lifted sanctions in 2022 (and their IATA and ICAO Airport Code Designators) which our parent company, Air Flight, can fly you directly to from the United States:


  1. CAMAGUEY AIRPORT, CUBA (CMW, MUCM) – Camaguey Airport is also known as Ignacio Agramonte International Airport Cuba
  2. CAYO COCO AIRPORT, CUBA (CCC, MUCC) – Cayo Coco Airport is also known as Jardines del Rey International Airport Cuba
  3. CAYO LARGO DEL SUR AIRPORT, CUBA (CYO, MUCL) – Cayo Largo del Sur Airport is also known as Vilo Acuna International Airport Cuba
  4. CIENFUEGES AIRPORT, CUBA (CFG, MUCF) – Cienfuegos Airport is also known as Jaime Gonzales International Airport Cuba
  5. HAVANA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, CUBA (HAV, MUHA) – Havana International Airport, Cuba is also known as Jose Marti International Airport Cuba
  6. HOLGUIN AIRPORT, CUBA (HOG, MUHG) – Holguin Airport is also known as Frank Pais International Airport Cuba
  7. MANZANILLO DE CUBA AIRPORT, CUBA (MZO, MUMZ) – Manzanillo de Cuba Airport is also known as Sierra Maestra International Airport
  8. SANTA CLARA DE CUBA AIRPORT, CUBA (SNU, MUSC) – Santa Clara de Cuba Airport is also known as Abel Santamaria International Airport Cuba
  9. SANTIAGO DE CUBA AIRPORT, CUBA (SCU, MUCU) – Santiago de Cuba Airport is also known as Antonio Macoa International Airport Cuba
  10. VARADERO AIRPORT, CUBA (VRA, MUVR) – Varadero Airport is also known as Juan Gualberto Gomez International Airport



Which Major US Airlines fly direct to all airports in Cuba from the United States?

  • BAD NEWS.  None. No Major US Airline has direct flights to all authorized Cuba Airports.
  • EVEN BETTER NEWS!  We can fly you direct to any Cuba International Airport and pick you up at a completely different Cuba International Airport giving you the flexibility to travel across Cuba and not have to worry about to arriving and departing from the same Cuba International Airport!



What are the visa and entry requirements for a US Citizen to visit Cuba?

  • The US Depart of Transportation and US Department of Commerce do have special travel requirements for US Citizens to fly to Cuba.  We can help with the process; however, the best resources is the US Embassy Cuba Resource Page 



Want to fly Direct to Cuba from the United States?

  • Simply fill out the “Get a Charter” Quote Form … or Call US Anytime at Air Flight Charters ~ 954-359-0320!
  • We’ll be happy to provide you a quote for the cost of a private charter flight to Cuba from Fort Lauderdale, FL (or, if you’d like to fly direct to Cuba from another airport, just let us know).



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