We have compiled the most asked questions and their answers for you on this page.

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What documents do I need to bring my dog into the Bahamas?

At Air Flight Charters, Pets are Passengers too!!  It is allowed for you to fly with your pet to the Bahamas.  Bahamas requires proof of current shot records from your Vet and authorization from Air Flight’s representative in Bahamas, Mr. Anthony Hinsey in Nassau, (242) 702-0200.  Please make sure you have this completed well prior to your date of travel.  Please click this link for more information.

Can I travel to the Bahamas without a passport using only my birth certificate or drivers license?

No.  All passengers traveling to the Bahamas MUST have a valid, unexpired passport.

I am not a US citizen, what documents will I need to travel to the Bahamas?

Valid U.S. resident card, U.S. Visa or ESTA (https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/) along with your valid, unexpired passport.  If from Canada, just need your passport. Please contact us if you have any questions or technicalities about travel.

Is there any long-term parking available?

Yes. FREE Parking is available when flying with us. We will make arrangements with SheltAir Aviation to get you a parking pass.

Are there any limitations to luggage size?

Yes. Hard-case and oversized bags can be difficult to accommodate.  We recommend, soft-sided luggage or duffel style bags. We recommend two small bags instead of one large bag due to cargo compartment limitations.  Additionally, please keep in mind there may be a weight limit to your specific destination.  Please contact us for the gross weight limitation on your flight.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages to the Bahamas?

Yes. Bahamas allows 2 bottles of wine and 1 quart of spirits per person. There is a Duty Free liquor store in our building.

Can I bring fruit or vegetables with me to the Bahamas?

You are not allowed to bring “fresh” fruits, vegetables or dairy into the Bahamas.  You are allowed to bring “canned or frozen” fruits and vegetables into the Bahamas.

Can I expect any additional fees when arriving or departing the Bahamas?

Yes. The Bahamian government imposes a $29 Bahamian departure tax for each passenger. The Bahamian Islands charge an overtime fee for the Customs Officer if you arrive before 9 AM or depart after 5 PM (and anytime on holidays). Bahamian Customs also charges a $150 flat processing fee per flight.  All fees are paid in “cash only” by passengers directly to Bahamian Customs. Normally these fees are not included in the amount paid to Air Flight.  Please reference to your quote for more details.

How many passengers can I bring with me on my flight to the Bahamas?

Our airplanes carry 7 or 9 passengers depending on configuration.  Please keep in mind that even though some of our planes carry 9 passengers, weight plays a significant role in how many passengers will be allowed on the flight.  Each destination has a different weight allowance so please speak with an Air Flight Charters representative to get an estimate of the available weight for your destination.

What if the weather is bad on my date of travel to the Bahamas?

Due to the dynamic nature of weather it is hard for us to forecast the weather conditions between the U.S. And Bahamas on the date of your flight.  We try our best to accommodate our passengers but sometimes mother nature does not cooperate.  We will always make the safe decision.  If unsafe conditions are present, we will delay a flight until conditions improve even if this means waiting until the next day.

Is there any limitation on materials that are considered hazardous for our flight to the Bahamas? (ex. paint, aerosols, house hold cleaners, compressed air, etc.)

Due to government regulations, air charter companies cannot carry certain hazardous materials. Please click this link for a list of approved materials. Certain hazardous materials in small quantities are approved for medical purposes.  Please contact an Air Flight Charters representative if you have specific questions about flying with hazardous materials.



FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for your Bahamas Travel