Getting a Private Charter Flight from Fort Lauderdale and Miami International Airports to Spring Point, Acklin Island, Bahamas couldn’t be easier.  A 5 minute call to us and we’ll have you on your way to Bahamas Paradise.

Relax on the Acklins

One of the more distant islands in the Bahamas, the Acklins offers miles of pristine beaches and countless untouched reefs thriving with sea life ideal for swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and much, much more.

Acklins beach, sunny skies with long strip of untouched sandy beaches and clear, turquoise water

If your dream vacation involves communing with nature on a secluded island, then you are in for a treat.  This small remote island packs a big punch in delivering a heavenly slice of paradise.The Acklins population of 500 means that you will be able to experience miles of beaches without the typical crush of nearby tourists. For those fly-fisherman, go for a flyfishinng “Grand Slam” and see if you can land a Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit in a single day!  If you are a shelling enthusiast, then you’re in for a treat!

Our founder, Chris Allen, loves the Acklins and Crooked island.  He often reminisces of spending one special spring break there with his teenage daughters.  A week on a remote island where the only noise you hear for your entire trip is the sound of the ocean kissing beautiful untouched sandy beaches and the only footprints you see in the sand are yours is in Chris’ eyes the quintessential remote island vacation retreat. It soothes your sole at unfound depths and offers you peace untold.   Light a bonfire on the beach with driftwood and roast marshmallows to make delicious chocolate S’mores. Gaze upon stars and constellations, the clarity of which you’ll never see anywhere else.  Dive for lobsters and conch galore.  Swim with colorful aquatic wildlife, cuttlefish, squid and more. Catch a Wahoo or Yellowtail Snapper right out your front door and become your the sushi chef you’ve always dreamed to explore.

On Chris’ first trip to Crooked Island and the Acklin, he made history. An avid fly-fisherman, Chris had never having tried his luck at catching the most elusive fish to catch on the fly, a “Permit”.  Chris booked a half day fly fishing excursion with a local fishing guidem and told the guide his goal for the day was to catch a Permit.  They guide simple smiled and away they went.  For the first hour they passed singles, doubles and big schools of Bonefish which any fly fisherman would have gladly pursed with joy.  Undeterred, Chris told the guide to “press on” in pursuit of a Permit, which Chris had never seen or had the chance to cast at before.

In the distance, the guide called out “Stingray, 1 o’clock, 200 yards” followed a few short breaths later by “No Company”.  Not familiar this, Chris asked more of the guide who explained that Permit often follow closely behind stingrays looking for an easy meal.

Not fifteen minutes later the fly fishing guide called out  “Stingray, 12 o’clock, 100 yards, … and it has Company”.  Chris noted the guides voice was pitched higher and excitedly. The guide brought the flats-fishing boat to a quiet stop and pivoted to the right lining Chris up with a cast off to the 11 o’clock position.  Chris flipped his crab fly off the side of the boat, made a couple false casts and dropped the crab fly right onto the back of the stingray. He slowly stripping the line as he’d been instructed and the crab drifted off the back of the stingray.  Not a second later the line went taught, Chris tugged hard to ensure a proper hook set … and the rest became history.  Catching a 30 lb Permit on his first cast to the first Permit he saw in his life, Chris though to himself  “That was so much fun.  But I really don’t understand what the big deal is to catch a Permit on the fly!”   His eyes light up, and he laughs out loud about it now. It took him four more years (and many casts and rejects) to catch his second Permit off the west side of Andros.  Granted, he did catch a Bonefish and Tarpon on the very same day … making another first of Chris’ fishing career, his first  and only “Grand Slam” … catching a Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit all on the fly, all on the same day!

Make your dreams come true. Give us a call to explore any island in the Bahamas … We love them all! ?

clear turquoise ocean in Bahamas with cloudy sunny skies

Acklins Island Airport is also known as Spring Point and Delectable Bay Airport

  • The ICAO Airport Identifier for the Acklins Island Airport in the Bahamas is MYAP and the IATA Identifier is AXP
  • Acklins Island Airport is a Public Airport without a Control Tower
  • Acklins Island Airport runway is 13/31, is made of asphalt and  is 5,010 ft in length
  • Acklins Airport does not have Bahamas customs & requires clearing at another port of entry

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