Falling in Love with the Bahamas

Real Estate for sale in the BahamasAll it takes is a week-long holiday to fall in love with the warm people, cool water, and beautiful scenery that makes the Commonwealth of the Bahamas such an enchanting place to visit. As such, the desire to extend that vacation indefinitely is an understandable impulse that is hard to fault. For visitors to the island looking to parlay an ideal vacation into a permanent housing utopia, buying real estate in the Bahamas is the perfect way to extent that idyllic vacation into an ideal island lifestyle. If you are thinking of trading in your business shoes for comfortable beach flip-flops, the Bahamas is where you want to be hunting for your next home. Buying real estate in the Bahamas is probably far easier than you ever expected, so don’t defer those dreams when the island lifestyle you have always dreamed of is just an escrow signing away.

Great Places for Expats: The Bahamas

Anyone interested in setting down roots in this former British holding that straddles the Caribbean and North Atlantic will be joining a well-established expat community of Americans, Canadians, and Europeans who had already decided that the island life was for them. This cadre of seasoned travelers provides a ready-made support group, already well positioned on various social media sites where they are more than willing to share their hard-earned experiences. If you are ready to make the move to the Bahamas and live the exciting life of an expat, you have a waiting community to help make the transition that much easier.

Real Estate for sale in the BahamasGovernment Taxes

Subject to change, so please check with your legal representative (if you need a good attorney, we can make recommendations):

  • All real estate transactions valued under $100,000 are subject to 2.5% government duty stamp,
  • Including the stamp duty, a tax of 10% on all real estate transactions over $100,000 in value.
  • VAT (Value Added Tax) recipients able to claim credit of 7.5% VAT on commercial transactions valued at more than $100,000.

Ready to Buy Real Estate in the Bahamas?

Buying real estate to build upon or a vacation home already built can seem like a complicated process. We work with the best real estate professionals on every island.  Give us a call and we’ll make connection for you!  And our pilot can include an island tour on your flight with us to the Bahamas.  We’re ready to serve you anytime, 954-359-0320!