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The Bahamas Inagua …where adventure begins

Turquoise, aqua waters off the coast of the untouched beaches of Inagua with gentle waves

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What did it feel like to live in the Caribbean in the early 1700’s? Find out with a tour of historic Inagua Island where the purportedly first act of piracy occurred in the Bahamas, which signaled the beginning of the Age of Piracy in this part of the world. Walking tours of Matthew Town allow you to explore the island’s culture and history as you see British colonial style buildings dating back to the 19th-century. Don’t miss a visit to the Inagua lighthouse that provides unprecedented views of the rest of the island. Inagua is also ideal for those wanting to snorkel and experience the green and hawksbill turtles that frequent the area. Coconut Grove Beach is the favored destination point for thousands of visitors each year.

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We Provide Private Charter Flight to the Bahamas Inagua Airport:
– Matthew Town MYIG Airport

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