Air Ambulance

When illness or accident cuts your vacation short, time becomes of the essence in terms of seeking medical treatment. That’s why the south Florida air ambulance services of Air Charter, Inc is such a valued service throughout the southern Florida and the Caribbean region.

Whether you need the lifesaving services of our Miami air ambulance, or a loved one suddenly requires urgent emergency care via our Ft Lauderdale air ambulance hub, we will have you onboard one of our comfortable Cessna 402 aircraft and enroute to the medical attention you require.

The Cessna 402 is a dependable airframe, which is popular throughout the region for its ability to access smaller, less developed airstrips found on the scattered and far-flung islands of the Caribbean. Indeed, Air Charter, Inc operates regular service to more than sixty regional airports in the Bahamas alone, so we have the range, equipment, talent, and expertise to deliver you to the quality medical care that you desperately need.

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Air medical evacuation services have a long history of saving lives that date back to the first days of flight, but it is only within the last few decades that the model has received widespread adoption with its proven success record in such diverse environment as the battlefields of Vietnam to the sites of horrific automobile accidents on local roads. Medical experts agree that the speedy delivery of patients to a qualified medical facility translates into vastly improved odds those healthcare professionals will successfully treat those injuries and illnesses.

If you are considering travel to the exotic locales of the vast Caribbean and you suffer from preexisting medical conditions that you think might impact your holiday stay, reach out to our team here at Air Charter, Inc to discover how we can provide the perfect solution for any medical contingency. Travel with peace of mind when you charter a flight with the leading provider of evacuation options with south Florida air ambulance.

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