Bimini Beaches Bring the Best

sunken abandoned ship off the beaches of Bimini in crystal watersOrganized tours allow you the chance to see every inch of the island without missing a beat from the beauty along the Bimini Nature Trail. The trail winds its way across the island and is home to an array of flora and fauna and many animals that call Bimini home. A visit to the Bimini Biological Field Station will reveal efforts in the works to study the ecological role the ubiquitous lemon shark has on the area while the Bimini Dolphin Communication Project seeks new ways to interact with these amazing mammals.

crystal blue waters on sandy white beaches with clear blue skies and clouds and palm trees

colorful starfish underwater of the crystal clear beaches of Bimini

Airports on Bimini

  • Cat Cay MYCC Airport
  • Ocean Cay MYBO Airport
  • South Bimini MYBS Airport

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